Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Laundry Goes Green- Disney Style

Though I am a senior in college, one of my guilty pleasures that has remained since youth is the Disney Channel. I just can't help being attracted to the cheesy sit-coms and over zealous acting. On one of my recent visits to childhood nostalgia, I was intrigued by one of their "campaign" commercials. The commercial was advocating doing ones laundry in a "green" way. Now, I have always been proud of the Disney Channel for championing the environmental cause. Their "Friends for Change" campaign advocating recycling and sustainable practices for children was a great way to make America's youth aware of growing environmental problems. However, this new "green" laundry commercial seems a bit far reaching. Though the tips they present are great (using cold water to wash your clothes, cleaning the lint filter after each drier run to increase efficiency, hanging clothes outside to dry) I feel this new commercial is a bit forced. It seems that Disney has run out of tips. Never fear though, a company as large and far reaching as Disney couldn't possibly run out of new ideas to save the planet.

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